Bye Gabby its been emotional.

The electric pace and the bulky frame of Gabby Agbonlahor may never grace the turf of Villa Park again after Aston Villa have said they are willing to let Agbonlahor go. 

With Jonathan Kodija, Birkir Bjarnason, Albert Adomah and to an extent Jack Grealish all vying for positions on the pitch that Gabby could fill, it looks like his days could be numbered and in all honesty it will suit both parties.

With well documented off field issues with a certain ‘gas’, Gabby hasnt had the best of it lately and even he will feel its time to move on.

Gabby has had game time in recent weeks but mainly due to Kodija and Ayew away at the AFCON. However what with the recent flurry of influx of playing personnel this month his chances will now be near on nothing.

Early promise and England U21 games complimented his work rate and effort but over time his star has some what diminished. I liked him, still do but its time for new adventures for Villa and Gabby.

Gareth Cooper

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